Immortal Romance Slot Game

The Immortal Romance online slots gameĀ is one of the latest slot games to hit the web and this game is found exclusively in Microgaming powered sites, the them of the slot of one of vampires and unusually for Microgaming they have brought this slot to life by giving the game some characters who all have a story attached to them, so you will get to know each of them and each one has something special to offer.

The game is one of the new breed of slots that has a new payline structure, the slot is classed as what is known as an allways game, and you will see three reel symbols in view on each reel and in effect every possible payline combination is covered on every spin you make.

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This equates to a massive 243 pay lines, and this is worked out by simply multipling the number of reel symbols in view on each payline by the next number of reel symbols in view on the next reel, so 3x3x3x3x3 = 243. So once you have made a spin if you can see, anywhere in view at least 3 matching symbols then you have got a winning combination.

You will not have to pay 243 coins to have a spin, as each spin will cost you just 30 coins, you can however opt to play upto 10 coins per spin so a minimum coin spin will cost you just 30 coins and a max bet spin will cost you 300 coins.

You can also choose to set the coin values at either 0.01 or 0.02 which equates to a max bet spin of 3.00 on a 0.01 spin or 6.00 on a 0.02 coin spin.

Immortal Romance Slot Bonus Games

There are two different sets of bonus games that can be awarded on the Immortal Romance game, the first is the Wild Desire feature. This particular round is awarded to your completely at random and it can pay massively if Lady Luck is on your side!

What will happen is you will be awarded a wild reel or wild reels for the next spin you make, so you could get just one completely wild reel or upto five wild reels, and it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that if all five reels become wild you are due a huge payout, however even a couple of wild reels awarded could enable a fairly decent payout.

The second bonus features that are awarded are the free spins rounds, now these different slightly in as much as when you play the slot for the first time you will start at level one, this is where the caharacter Amber is, and she will give you 10 free spins which all payout on a x5 multiplier, the free spins during this round can be re-triggered.

As you play this game more and more you will be able to unlock additional free spin bonus round levels, you do this by hitting certain targets and the more times you hit the free spins round the more chances you get of unlocking the next level.

The second level that can be unlocked is the Troy level, he will award you with 15 free spins and during these Vampire Bats can appear and where these Bats land will have the effect of tuning standard symbols into wild multiplier symols that can boost payouts they help complete by x2 or x3, and being accumulative you could win a payout of x6 if you get them in the right positions on the paylines.

Michael is the keeper of the third level of free spins and once triggered he will give you 20 free spins, Rolling Reels come into play during these free spins and consecutive wins on any one free spins will increase the multiplier values by the following sequence: x2, x3, x4, x5.

The final level is where you will find Sarah and she will reward you with 25 free spins, also in play is the Wild Vine feature, when the Vine appears anywhere on reel three it can spread much like a vine and make other symbols in view into wild ones.

Get two or more scatter symbols anywhere in view during the free spins round and additional free spins will be awarded.

Immortal Romance Slot Payout

To win a tidy little sum the scatter symbols are watch you will be wanting to spin in, get five of them in view and you will be given a payout of 6000 coins and then will be taking part in the bonus games which can and does return even more winning payouts.

There are a range of standard (none scatter) pay line symbols on each reel and these will equate to different payout levels once you manage to spin in a winning combination, the Immortal Romance symbol is the higest payline one and if you manage to spin in 5 of them anywhere in view then you will get a payout of 1500 coins for each line of five you get.

Other symbols that are worthy of note are the Sarah symbols, you can instantly recongise her as she is wearing a bright red dress! She is the second highest paying reel symbol and get five of them anywhere in view and 500 coins will be all yours for each combination of five you get.

Michael is next on the payout table and get five of his character symbols in view and you will hit a payout of some 450 coins, Troy is next and a five of a kind win of his charater symsbols will see you winning a payout of some 400 coins, the lowest poaying character symbol is Amber and a five of a kind payline combination of her symbols will payout some 350 coins.

Remeber that thanks to the 243 paylines and wild symbols it is possible to win more than one set of five payline symbols on any spin you make, and some massive payouts are possible during the Wild Desire bonus feature round, where the more wilds symbols you are awarded the better the payout will be!