How to Play Online Pokie Machines

The days of shoving a coin in an pokie machine and given the arm on the side a good yank have long gone and to the novice pokie player learning how to play the modern day online pokies game could be deemed much akin to becoming a brain surgeon!

Bet fear not as usual here at we are here to help and below we have put together an easy to follow guide on how to play all online pokie machines, it is written in easy to follow English so even a complete novice will soon be playing online pokies like and old pro!

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Choosing your best online pokie machine

The first thing you need to decide is which sort of pokie machine do you wish to play, this may seem a little bizarre as to an uneducated pokie player they may all seem the same, but there are many differences in pokie machines and you really do need to pick with one you wish to play very carefully.

So if you like easy to play non complicated pokie machines then look to play the classic or three reel slots as they are known, these are easy to find as, as the name suggests they have three reels which can clearly be found in the middle or belly area of the pokie machine and they offer a very simple playing style.

If you want to be a little more adventurous and get a more exciting type of pokie playing action then we recommend you play the video or bonus video pokie machines, these have a video screen instead of a set of reels in the middle area of the pokie machine and will off all manner of exciting graphics, sounds and game play.

Choosing the stakes at which to play pokies

You next need to decide how much you wish to play each pokie spin for, bear in mind some pokie machines let you play more than one pay line per spin and as such depending on how many pay lines you play you need to allocate a coin value to each pay line, so if you are playing for 0.10 per line and there are 20 pay lines then this spin will cost you 2.00 per spin.

Also worth nothing is that some pokie machines let you stake more than one coin per pay line per spin, so make sure you bear this in mind, for that 20 pay line pokie machine with coin values of 0.10 will cost you 20.00 per spin if you play 10 coins per line per spin!

There will also be a max bet button on most pokie machines by pressing this you will spin at the maximum number of lines and coins allowed, be careful not to accidently click this button if you are playing less than the maximum number of coins and lines per spin or it may cost you dear, unless of course you manage to spin in a winning combination!

However please be aware that some progressive pokie games and 3 reel pokie games will require you to play maximum bets to be in with a chance of winning wither the progressive jackpot or the enhanced max bet jackpot so make sure you check the pay table and/or game play rules for details of this before you start to play to ensure you do not accidently miss out on a huge payday!

About bonus features regarding online pokies

With many different pokie games on offer this means that you are going to be presented with a huge number of unique bonus feature rounds that may trigger as you play the base game, and with some of them offering true skill features you really do need to be 100% sure of what to do when these bonus feature rounds finally trigger.

Full and in-depth information on what to expect when the bonus games trigger can be found in the pokie games helps files or on the payout table, so before you start to play give these help files a quick read through as it will save you staring at the screen blankly should the bonus feature trigger and you not have a clue what to do next!

Special online pokies promotions

The art to getting the best value and play time from playing pokies online is to instantly recognise a good deal or pokie site promotion when one is offered to you, there can be some really good deals up for grabs from leading pokie sites and there can be lots of free cash on offer.

So do a little shopping around before you make a deposit into a pokie site to ascertain where the best value can be had and if a bonus is on offer then read through the terms and conditions of that offer to ensure it is as good as it sounds! If it is then grab it with both hands!