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Online Casino Pokies Sites

One thing there is no shortage of online is casino pokies for Australia, no matter which corner of the internet you happen to visit you are going to find loads of them offering you all manner of different slots games.

But a word of warning dear reader not all online pokie sites are of the quality demanded by todays savvy player and by picking the wrong one to play at could end up costing you dear so pay attention to the following article and learn what to look out for when playing online pokies.

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Certified fair online pokies sites

At the top of you list o requirements from any Australian online pokie site is that the pokie games it offers should be fair, honest and completely random, do not take words on a screen as proof their games are above board ensure that all of heir games, random number generators and gaming logs are independently verified as fair.

There are a handful of highly respected companies who offer the audit facility to online pokie sites and if you see a pokie site proclaiming to be audited then look out for the logo of the audit company and check their website to ensure they do indeed audit that particular pokie site.

You will find lots of valuable information on the audit site and also their monthly audit certificates which will let you know exactly the payout percentages achieved by all individual game groups along with an overall payout percentage for each casino and/or pokie site and one thing you will notice is just how high the payouts are as opposed to a land based venue in Australia.

Pokie sites currency options

This one particular quality of an online pokie site may seem strange but in the long run it could save you a lot of money, and that is to choose only those Australian pokies casino that let you play in your home currency, if you are in Australia then you should be looking for AUD accepting sites, if you are in New Zealand then only play at sites that accept and allow deposits in New Zealand dollars.

The reason for saying this is some casinos are stuck in the olden days where players were limited to just depositing in US Dollars, and this means that every time you make a deposit or withdrawal you will end up losing out when the exchange rate moves, even a slight movement the wrong way can reduce the value of your deposits or withdrawals, so if a pokie site does not let you play in your home currency then move on to one that does.

Choice of online pokies

Big numbers are beautiful when it comes to Australian pokie sites, and you should be demanding a huge choice of pokies from which ever online casino you wish to play at, having a small selection of pokie machines may seem sweet but you will get bored very quickly at such sites.

Having a wide variety of pokie games available will mean you can flit around the site and play exactly the game you want to play, if you play at a pokie site with few games then you run the very real risk of playing a pokie game that has recently paid out and as such you will end up losing more quickly as a Australian pokie machine that has recently dropped its jackpot will not payout very well for quite a while!

Fast Paying Australian Online Pokies

When you sign up to play at any online casino Australia site you will be looking to deposit quickly and easily using a deposit method that suits you personally conversely when you win you will want to get paid without any fuss or hassle and in the quickest possible time frame.

So before you sign up to play at any online pokie site first check their banking page to ensure your preferred deposit and withdrawal option is available, and choose one that doesn’t limit the amount you can withdraw, some poorly run sites put a miserly limit on how much you can withdraw each week or month and if you hit a huge win you could be waiting ages to get paid it in full.

Stick to well known online pokies software companies One thing you should look for when playing at a pokie site is how well known is the software company that powers the site, if you are playing at a new or unknown software providers site you run the risk of playing rigged or even poorly paying Australian Slots machines and that is no way to play!

Stick only to the cream of the crop and highly respected online pokie sites powered by the industry leaders and you will not go far wrong as you will be able to play with complete confidence and be sure you are always playing fair and honest and time proven pokie games and pokie machines.

Online Casino Pokies

When people first discover that they can play online pokies at Australian online casinos they will hastily find the first website that offers these games and sign up for an account and start playing, completely unaware that there are a huge number of software companies supplying the games that power these casinos, and alas not all of them are as good as they should be.

We only showcase casino software that has stood the test of time and is of the quality demanded by todays technically savvy players.

lucky nugget casino

In days gone by the online gambling market place was one of rigged software, fly by night operators and gambling companies only after making a quick buck, but as the online gambling industry has matured the high end companies have, like cream on milk, risen to the top and offer players a safe and regulated environment in which to play.

Below is an overview of the online pokie software companies we are more than happy to present to you, as each one has proven that the quality and fairness of their casino games is beyond reproach and no matter which software company you opt for you will be playing the best games available online safe in the knowledge that you are getting a fair game.

We have also compiled a list of video slot games that can be helpful when searching for a specific type of online slots you wan to play :

To help you not only find a pokie software that you will enjoy playing but to also help you track down online pokies using that particular software we have suggested a few casinos that are well worth checking out simply follow the links below.

Playtech Casinos have state of the art online casino software you will be hard pressed to find a better one than Playtech, this company have been at the top of their game for years now and their software powers a huge number of online casinos.

The software itself is very quick to download and gives players to a huge and ever growing number of unique and classic games.

Very easy to navigate the games are grouped in the menu to allow for quick and easy access. Football Rules Pokie Game Playtech has a huge array of slot games and the Football Rules is a prime example of one of their action packed and fully themed games.

What’s Cooking slot game is another slot you may be interested in trying is the What’s Cooking slot which comes with multiple pay lines and a generous pay table.

Microgaming Casinos were one of the pioneers of online casino software and they have grown into a huge company providing many casino games that players simply love and like to play time and time again.

The software can be a little bulky, however with over 600 games available in their download suite once you have downloaded them all you really will be spoilt for choice!

Tomb Raider Pokie Game is one of the most popular and most played online slots of all time the Tomb Raider slot is also available in Microgaming casino slot tournaments.

Treasure Ireland Pokie Game is just one of many different and action packed AWP type fruit slots games found in all Microgaming powered sites.

Wagerworks Slots

If you visit any online casino that is powered by Wagerworks you will probably instantly recognise a huge number of their games, the reason for this is that they are the online arm of IGT the worlds biggest supplier of land based casino slot machines.

So if you are seeking slot games that you may have played in a bricks and mortar casino then simply get yourself over to any of our featured Wagerworks powered casinos where you can play them for free or for real.

Wolf Run Slot Game is often played especially if you visit a land based casino, just follow the howls of the wolves and you will find it!

Hot Streak Blackjack Game by Wagerworks are famed for their unique card and table games and one worthy of your attention is the Hot Streak Blackjack game.

No Worries Slot Game

The No Worries pokie game has an Australian theme running through out it and this fun to play and very colorful slots game has a very exciting bonus game mentioned below, here you can opt to gamble what you have won by playing the free spins again but obviously with a different outcome you need to decide to collect what you have won or go for more!

The No Worries bonus video pokie has 5 and you have the ability to play 1 to 9 lines on each spin and you are permitted to play from one to ten coins per lineper spin also. This video pokie has a top prize payout of 5000 coins based on a onecoin per line spin.

lucky nugget casino

You can choose your own coin values which can be any of the following:0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25.

No Worries Pokie Bonus Games

The No Worries pokie has quite a good little free spins bonus game and once awarded you can win up to 25 free spins and once a special symbol drops in as they play out the multiplier which starts at x2 can be increased up to a maximum multiplier value of x8.

Once you have played out your free spins that you were awarded you are then given the option of either replaying them in exchange for the cash you won, collecting what you have won, or be awarded in exchange for you winnings a random amount of cash.

A gamble bonus game is also awarded whenever you have had a winning spin, when taken you are then faced with two decisions and these are to guess either the colour of the next card drawn out of the pack which if guessed correctly will double the wins value or to guess the suit of the next card drawn and if you guess this correctly your win will be multiplied by four times its value.

No Worries Pokie Player Tips

Due to the nature of the try again bonus round you should think long and hard about swapping what you have been awarded as often greed can back fire and you may get awarded a smaller win that the one you swapped it for, so please be sensible when choosing whether to swap or not!

Other online pokies you may find interesting :

Good To Go Pokie – You will be speeding round the race track on this pokie machine.

Secret Admirer Pokie – If you fancy having a secret admirer this slot may be the chosen one.

My Slot Pokie- The fun and excitement of your very own slot design is offered on this pokie.

Skull Duggery Pokie – Pirates do battle on this action packed pokie game.

King Cash a Lot Pokie – Big winning can be achieved on this progressive pokie machine.

Playtech Casinos

Innovation for online playtech casinos is definitely the key to the ongoing success of the online casino, poker and bingo software company Playtech, having been at the top of their game for many years now they are not about to let their popularity slip any time soon!

Playtech Casino Software

Having fingers in many different pies enables Playtech to continually grow both as a company and also as a gambling related software supplier and the diverse range of different products has earned them great respect not only with the playing public but also well known and trusted gambling brands and with government regulated markets taking great interest in their products their place as an industry leader looks secure for the long term.

Playtechs’ Casino Platform The initial product which led to Playtech becoming the brand it is today was the online casino software platform, which although it has grown and been developed over the years, has always been a reliable and very player friendly piece of kit, and once you win over online casino players by way of fair and popular games you are onto a sure fire winner.

Playtech Casino Games

The reason why players return time and time again to play Playtech casino games is the simple fact that each one has offers fair and generous odds and payouts coupled with the very easy to use interface, which combined makes playing any casino game offered a fun and exciting experience, plus players always have more than a sporting chance of having a winning session!

Playtech Poker Games

Playtech iPoker Network has the one defining feature of a successful poker software platform is player trust, with the online poker industry taking many knocks and scandals since its early days due to software that has that been not as secure or completely fair and honest as it should be and even open to abuse by operators and players alike, the online poker playing community look for software that is beyond reproach before laying down their hard earned cash.

With Playtech having a vested interest in ensuring their online poker site operators have a large and expanding client base, this has led to them developing a robust and reliable poker software network which is known as the iPoker network.

This offers users a player friendly interface, a wealth of unique features but more importantly a fair and honest random number generator couple with anti collusion and fraud measures that makes it one of the most secure and fair poker networks available.

Playtech Online Bingo Sites

Playtech Online Bingo Software With online bingo player numbers growing almost daily, Playtech took a long and hard look at how they could progress their initial bingo software platform to ensure these players are adequately catered for, and this led to them acquiring the Virtue Fusion software company who had already built up a successful bingo product.

With the marriage of these two companies Playtech were able to add their own unique and innovative ideas into a well established bingo product thus giving players exactly what they were looking for in terms of a stable and very reliable bingo software which comes with many player friendly features and an interface that players love and return too time and time again.

The Playtech bingo software has grown to the point where each day tens of thousands of bingo players log on daily to get their bingo playing fix!

Playtech Mobile Casino and Gambling Games

Playtech Mobile Gambling has been in full developing mode as investing time and money into new and none established gambling market places take great courage, however Playtech have certainly struck gold with their brand new mobile gambling platform, this allows players who like the look and way Playtech games play to be able to download these games to their mobile phone and gamble anywhere they happen to be.

As long as they have a phone signal them getting their gambling fix is just a couple of clicks of their phones key pad! With the technology being used on mobile phones changing regularly, Playtech are constantly monitoring new and innovative ways of adding even more games and features to their range of mobile gambling products.

The one thing that is guaranteed is that these mobile phone gambling games are just as good as their online products and this means fair games and a very simple to use and understand interface.

Playtech Sports Betting

Playtech Sports Betting is increasing in popularity and is also getting excellent player reviews thanks to the the careful attention to detail that Playtech have given this unique and highly specialized bit of kit!

Unlike the casino, bingo and poker products sports bettors look for a no nonsense betting platform that lets them place a wager quickly and accurately and this is what Playtech sports betting software allows them to do.

Allowing betting site operators to instantly react to price changes whilst ensuring their punters have immediate access to all sports betting markets is critical and yet again Playtech have excelled in making this possible.

Playtech will no doubt be developing their sports betting platform even more and this will lead to them conquering this sector of the gambling industry very soon!

There is no standing still at Playtech, and from an outsiders view of the company you would get the impression they are looking at world domination of both the online and land based gambling marketplace, and with their recent product the Video Bet platform which is server based technology aimed at the land based fixed odds betting terminal sector they could soon find themselves catapulted into the top of the landbased betting industry quicker than they may have imagined.

Fixed odds betting terminals have become the life blood of many betting offices across the UK and Playtech have taken the challenge head on by designing and developing a state of the art fixed odds betting terminal that appeals to players and allows them to play a whole host of gambling related games via these high tech machines.

Playtech Live Dealer Casino

As time moves on you will see more and more of them appearing in land based venues. Playtech Live Gambling Playtech are also leading the way in live gambling, this is done via a video feed where players can not only see the cards being dealt, or roulette wheel spinning and landing in the winning number well, but also interact with the dealers and fellow players themselves.

Live gambling adds a new level of player appeal to the ever expanding Playtech portfolio of gambling applications. On the left hand side of this web page you will find a selection of some of the best online casinos that are powered by the impressive Playtech software, checkout any of them as you will be able to log on as a guest player and play the majority of their casino games for free and should you wish to play for real you will be able to bag yourself a generous casino bonus at any of them!

My Slot Online Slots Game

The My Slot pokie is like no other game you will have ever have come across and the reason it is so unique is that this pokie lets you decide your very own theme, and you do this by loading your own personal pictures as reel symbols and you can then choose your own music as the backing track fro the pokie game.

5 Reel Video Slots Game

The My Slot comes as a 5 reel video pokie game and you can choose to play from one up to a maximum of nine pay line on each spin of the reels, if you are feeling lucky you can also increase the number of coins per line from one up to and including five which turns the minimum one coin spin jackpot of 10000 coins into a huge 50000 coin jackpot.

lucky nugget casino

As with all other video pokies of this type you can set the coin levels yourself and those offered are as follows: 0.01,0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, which means if you are playing at the minimum cost per spin of just one penny you could still bag yourself a very generous maximum payout of 100.00!

My Slot Pokie Bonus Games

The main attraction of the My Slot online Pokie game is its bonus feature round and this where you can win yourself 15 free spins which all play out on a very generous multiplier worth x3, also if you spin in another set of three scatters anywhere in view whilst the free spins are playing out then another 15 of them are awarded.

The free spins bonus feature is the only bonus game that is awarded on the My Slot online slots game, but don’t let that put you off playing it as you will soon discover as you play it this bonus round does trigger very regularly so you will get plenty of play time and potential rewards for your money.

My Slot Pokie Online Play Tips

Try not to use photos of people you do not like when designing the slot as every time you see their ugly mug on the screen it will drive you nuts, and as sure as night follows day their symbol will end up blocking a good winning payout combination!

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Microgaming Casinos

There are many factors and qualities that makes the microgaming online casinos software company both successful and popular, but the main thing that the software must be is player friendly.

If you can design a gambling platform whether it is a casino, bingo or poker one that players like the look and feel of then you are onto a winner, and from day one this is something that Microgaming have managed to do and this has led to them, over 15 years from their launch, to become the number online gambling software with satisfied players the world over using it daily.

lucky nugget casino

Microgaming Online Casino Plafform

Choice is another quality that a player will expect from an online casino software platform and Microgaming have developed well in excess of 500 different casino games all of which can be found in their download casino product.

These games vary in type and playability but the one key feature of all of them is that they are fair and honest and play and pay exactly (or occasionally offer higher pay backs) than any land based casino.

One thing that an online casino software company must ensure is that they simply do not just provide their product to any Tom, Dick or Harry as this could lead to all manner of undesirables opening up a Microgaming powered casino, and experience has shown with other software companies when you do this you run the risk of having players ripped off or owed money should that operator not have a clue how to run an online casino!

Potential Microgaming powered online casino operators must prove they have the financial means to get a new casino up and running and have the ability to continue to provide players with a safe and enjoyable experience.

This has proved to be a winning formula as many of the Microgaming casino found online today have been around for over 10 years now which proves that by ensuring all licensees of Microgaming casinos have the financial backing and integrity to run an online casino they will build a firm and solid foundation on which to run that business long into the future.

Download Microgaming Casino Games

There are three different versions of Microgaming online casino platform and the first, as mentioned above, is the fully downloadable version.

This, apart from having a huge number of gambling type games also has unique features such as allowing the player to speed up the play speed on certain games, plus additional features such as auto play, which allows players to preset the number of games he or she wishes to play in advance and then allowing the software to play these games automatically.

Screen size and audio setting are also available to allow the player to fine tune their gambling session to suit their playing style.

Microgaming Flash Casino No Dowload Needed

The second software version is the no download, flash power variant, this offers a much smaller selection of 100+ games, but as it is flash powered there is no need for the player to download any software thus allowing for players to play quickly and easily from any computer on demand.

The third version of Microgamings excellent casino software platform is the brand new mobile version, as the name suggests this is for mobile phone applications and allows players to play a small selection of Microgaming powered games directly form their mobile phone handset.

Whist in its early days mobile gambling has been slowly taking off and Microgaming will, in the very near future be designing even more games to add to their mobile gambling software platform.

Best Microgaming Casino Promotions and player ratings

  1. Go Wild Casino – Microgaming download plus flash play – 1000 plus welcome package – Excelllent
  2. Royal Vegas Casino – Microgaming download plus flash – 1200 free play – Good
  3. 777 Dragon Casino – Microgaming download plus flash play – new 200 % bonus deal on 5 minimum deposit – Good, fast paying
  4. Crazy Vegas Casino – Microgaming download plus flash – 3000 free play – Good, fast paying
  5. Gaming Club Casino – Microgaming download plus flash play- 100% plus 30 free spins – Reliable
  6. Lucky Nugget Casino – Microgaming download plus flash play – 100% or 150% – Excellent

King Cash a Lot Pokie Game

The King is in the counting house counting out his money and that is what the theme of this pokie machine is all about a rich King who wants to share his fortune with one lucky player, and he will do this by giving away a progressive jackpot to someone who manages to line up the winning jackpot symbols!

The King Cash a lot pokie has five video reels and it has nine pay lines, you must play all nine of these pay lines to be in with a chance of hitting that every rising jackpot which climbs up to some very dizzy heights, and someone has to win it and that winner could be you but you have to play this pokie to be in with a chance of bagging that mega pay day payout.

lucky nugget casino

The coin levels are static are set at 0.25 per line and only one coin per line can be played so a maximum bet spin to activate the progressive jackpot element is 2.25 per spin, so what ever you do ensure you always play maximum bet spins or you will be kicking yourself should that fateful day come when you line up the winning symbols on a non activated pay line!

King Cash a Lot Pokie Bonus Games

The King Cash a Lot pokie was one of the earliest games with both a progressive jackpot attached to it and also a bonus game, however the bonus feature which can be triggered and awarded is not terribly exciting.

You simply need to get 2, 3 or 4 scatters to activate the bonus feature which will then have you taking part in a simple, no frills picking type round where you get to win what you reveal.

King Cash a Lot Pokie Playing Tips

The obvious tip for playing this pokie game is to always, and we do means always, play maximum bets this ensures you are always in with a fair chance of hitting and winning that huge progressive payout.

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Good To Go Pokie – Start to rev your engine and take part in this racing car themed pokie game.

Secret Admirer Pokie – You will fall in love with this lovey do very themed pokie game.

My Slot Pokie- Designing your very own pokie is Childs play with the My Slot pokie.

Skull Duggery Pokie – Come and join the battling Pirates to win your share of their spoils.

No Worries Pokie – G’day Sports come and join in the Aussie fun on this pokie game.

Immortal Romance Slot Game

The Immortal Romance online slots game is one of the latest slot games to hit the web and this game is found exclusively in Microgaming powered sites, the them of the slot of one of vampires and unusually for Microgaming they have brought this slot to life by giving the game some characters who all have a story attached to them, so you will get to know each of them and each one has something special to offer.

The game is one of the new breed of slots that has a new payline structure, the slot is classed as what is known as an allways game, and you will see three reel symbols in view on each reel and in effect every possible payline combination is covered on every spin you make.

lucky nugget casino

This equates to a massive 243 pay lines, and this is worked out by simply multipling the number of reel symbols in view on each payline by the next number of reel symbols in view on the next reel, so 3x3x3x3x3 = 243. So once you have made a spin if you can see, anywhere in view at least 3 matching symbols then you have got a winning combination.

You will not have to pay 243 coins to have a spin, as each spin will cost you just 30 coins, you can however opt to play upto 10 coins per spin so a minimum coin spin will cost you just 30 coins and a max bet spin will cost you 300 coins.

You can also choose to set the coin values at either 0.01 or 0.02 which equates to a max bet spin of 3.00 on a 0.01 spin or 6.00 on a 0.02 coin spin.

Immortal Romance Slot Bonus Games

There are two different sets of bonus games that can be awarded on the Immortal Romance game, the first is the Wild Desire feature. This particular round is awarded to your completely at random and it can pay massively if Lady Luck is on your side!

What will happen is you will be awarded a wild reel or wild reels for the next spin you make, so you could get just one completely wild reel or upto five wild reels, and it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that if all five reels become wild you are due a huge payout, however even a couple of wild reels awarded could enable a fairly decent payout.

The second bonus features that are awarded are the free spins rounds, now these different slightly in as much as when you play the slot for the first time you will start at level one, this is where the caharacter Amber is, and she will give you 10 free spins which all payout on a x5 multiplier, the free spins during this round can be re-triggered.

As you play this game more and more you will be able to unlock additional free spin bonus round levels, you do this by hitting certain targets and the more times you hit the free spins round the more chances you get of unlocking the next level.

The second level that can be unlocked is the Troy level, he will award you with 15 free spins and during these Vampire Bats can appear and where these Bats land will have the effect of tuning standard symbols into wild multiplier symols that can boost payouts they help complete by x2 or x3, and being accumulative you could win a payout of x6 if you get them in the right positions on the paylines.

Michael is the keeper of the third level of free spins and once triggered he will give you 20 free spins, Rolling Reels come into play during these free spins and consecutive wins on any one free spins will increase the multiplier values by the following sequence: x2, x3, x4, x5.

The final level is where you will find Sarah and she will reward you with 25 free spins, also in play is the Wild Vine feature, when the Vine appears anywhere on reel three it can spread much like a vine and make other symbols in view into wild ones.

Get two or more scatter symbols anywhere in view during the free spins round and additional free spins will be awarded.

Immortal Romance Slot Payout

To win a tidy little sum the scatter symbols are watch you will be wanting to spin in, get five of them in view and you will be given a payout of 6000 coins and then will be taking part in the bonus games which can and does return even more winning payouts.

There are a range of standard (none scatter) pay line symbols on each reel and these will equate to different payout levels once you manage to spin in a winning combination, the Immortal Romance symbol is the higest payline one and if you manage to spin in 5 of them anywhere in view then you will get a payout of 1500 coins for each line of five you get.

Other symbols that are worthy of note are the Sarah symbols, you can instantly recongise her as she is wearing a bright red dress! She is the second highest paying reel symbol and get five of them anywhere in view and 500 coins will be all yours for each combination of five you get.

Michael is next on the payout table and get five of his character symbols in view and you will hit a payout of some 450 coins, Troy is next and a five of a kind win of his charater symsbols will see you winning a payout of some 400 coins, the lowest poaying character symbol is Amber and a five of a kind payline combination of her symbols will payout some 350 coins.

Remeber that thanks to the 243 paylines and wild symbols it is possible to win more than one set of five payline symbols on any spin you make, and some massive payouts are possible during the Wild Desire bonus feature round, where the more wilds symbols you are awarded the better the payout will be!

How to Play Online Pokie Machines

The days of shoving a coin in an pokie machine and given the arm on the side a good yank have long gone and to the novice pokie player learning how to play the modern day online pokies game could be deemed much akin to becoming a brain surgeon!

Bet fear not as usual here at we are here to help and below we have put together an easy to follow guide on how to play all online pokie machines, it is written in easy to follow English so even a complete novice will soon be playing online pokies like and old pro!

lucky nugget casino

Choosing your best online pokie machine

The first thing you need to decide is which sort of pokie machine do you wish to play, this may seem a little bizarre as to an uneducated pokie player they may all seem the same, but there are many differences in pokie machines and you really do need to pick with one you wish to play very carefully.

So if you like easy to play non complicated pokie machines then look to play the classic or three reel slots as they are known, these are easy to find as, as the name suggests they have three reels which can clearly be found in the middle or belly area of the pokie machine and they offer a very simple playing style.

If you want to be a little more adventurous and get a more exciting type of pokie playing action then we recommend you play the video or bonus video pokie machines, these have a video screen instead of a set of reels in the middle area of the pokie machine and will off all manner of exciting graphics, sounds and game play.

Choosing the stakes at which to play pokies

You next need to decide how much you wish to play each pokie spin for, bear in mind some pokie machines let you play more than one pay line per spin and as such depending on how many pay lines you play you need to allocate a coin value to each pay line, so if you are playing for 0.10 per line and there are 20 pay lines then this spin will cost you 2.00 per spin.

Also worth nothing is that some pokie machines let you stake more than one coin per pay line per spin, so make sure you bear this in mind, for that 20 pay line pokie machine with coin values of 0.10 will cost you 20.00 per spin if you play 10 coins per line per spin!

There will also be a max bet button on most pokie machines by pressing this you will spin at the maximum number of lines and coins allowed, be careful not to accidently click this button if you are playing less than the maximum number of coins and lines per spin or it may cost you dear, unless of course you manage to spin in a winning combination!

However please be aware that some progressive pokie games and 3 reel pokie games will require you to play maximum bets to be in with a chance of winning wither the progressive jackpot or the enhanced max bet jackpot so make sure you check the pay table and/or game play rules for details of this before you start to play to ensure you do not accidently miss out on a huge payday!

About bonus features regarding online pokies

With many different pokie games on offer this means that you are going to be presented with a huge number of unique bonus feature rounds that may trigger as you play the base game, and with some of them offering true skill features you really do need to be 100% sure of what to do when these bonus feature rounds finally trigger.

Full and in-depth information on what to expect when the bonus games trigger can be found in the pokie games helps files or on the payout table, so before you start to play give these help files a quick read through as it will save you staring at the screen blankly should the bonus feature trigger and you not have a clue what to do next!

Special online pokies promotions

The art to getting the best value and play time from playing pokies online is to instantly recognise a good deal or pokie site promotion when one is offered to you, there can be some really good deals up for grabs from leading pokie sites and there can be lots of free cash on offer.

So do a little shopping around before you make a deposit into a pokie site to ascertain where the best value can be had and if a bonus is on offer then read through the terms and conditions of that offer to ensure it is as good as it sounds! If it is then grab it with both hands!

Good to Go Online Video Slots Machine

The Good To Go video slots game  is built around a racing car theme and this theme runs throughout the back drop of the slot right through top the reel symbols, it is a good looking slot and thanks to its generous payout table, return to player payout percentage and potentially mega paying bonus game.

Read the paragraph below in which is mentioned how you could be seriously in the money in the slot becomes you friend and start spinning in those winning combinations.

lucky nugget casino

The Good To Go pokie is a 5 reel video slot and you can choose to play from one to nine pay lines on each and every spin you make, the jackpot based on a one coin spin is a not too be sniffed at 5000 coins but as this slot permits you to play up to ten coins per line per spin then a potential base game jackpot of a huge 50000 coins could be won if you line up those jackpot symbols on an activated pay line.

You may of course choose to adjust the coin settings and values and currently this pokie game is available on any of the following: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 so if you are feeling flush then crank up the coin values, however if times are a bit tight then keep them low!

Bonus Games at good to Go Slot Game

The Good To Go pokie has the original free spins bonus round, this is awarded when you get two scatter symbol at least, anywhere on reels one and two both at the same time, when you do those scatters lock in place and the remaining reels will spin again three times. The idea is to get another scatter on the re-spun reels for when you do the scatters will then lock in place and another three free spins are awarded.

If you want to try for some bigger payouts then a gamble feature can be taken whenever you have spun in any winning combination, simply classic the gamble button and choose one of the two gamble features offered.

There are two different gamble features offered the first is a 50/50 type gamble on which you need to guess thecolour of the next playing card drawn out this is a double or nothing gamble, next is a guess the suit gamble where you can quadruple your winnings for a correct guess.

Good To Go Pokie Playing Tips

A good way to play this kind of Pokie machine is to start playing for low stakes then if you start onto a winning streak slowly increase your stake and coin levels in the hope you can continue to ride the winning sessions to its maximum advantage.

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